Friday, October 12, 2007

Luke 11:32

When I was about 13, I made a list of the 'earthly treasures' that I prized the most. I have since lost that list, and forgotten most of the dozen things on it. However, near the top of the list was my 'one great beauty' (to quote Amy March) my hair, which the Flipinos compared to cornsilk.

This past week, I have wanted to add one more thing to the top of that list...a little thing of earth that matters to me a lot more now. My eyes.

A couple people have asked me what made me 'get into' photogrophy. I don't know. I began to enjoy 'seeing' things through a camera. I made good shots, and attended a class. But now, as I begin to treasure my eyes, the camera has becaome dearer.

This month has been a roller-coaster eye-wise for me. I have gone in for check-ups three times now, and tried out contacts. My glasses are a really old perscription, and since I got them early summer 2006, my eyes have gone down two more steps. What a person with 'normal' eyes can see at 100 yards, I can see at 20. The doctor apparently told my mother that he didn't know how I made it around without my glasses.

Suddenly, sight means so much. Being an (oftentimes over) imaginative child, I have often imagined myself as a great saint, bed-ridden and weelchair-bound. Or a frail, pale creature, slipping slowly away. What? Blind? NO!

I always loved verses in proverbs about the eyes. But the one that echoes through my head a lot lately is this:

The lamp of the body is the eye....

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Schupack said...

yikes. My eyesight is excellent but I actually have pretty bad hearing. So I can sort of imagine how you are feeling. I hate not knowing what people are saying, but I think that being blind would be far worse than being deaf! But I sure hope neither of us has to experience either trial!