Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dear blog readers:

For those of you who are at all interested, or care, I am in a homeschool drama club, and practicing a play. I am issuing a public invitation for some who can come, and a 'let you know' for those who can't.

The shows will be Dec. 4, 6 and 8 at 7pm.

The show on the 4th we will be at Grace United Methodist in Carlisle.
On the 6th we willbe at Hope Grace Brethern Church, in Dillsburg.
On the 8th we will be at the Camp Hill Church of God in Camp Hill.

Be forwarned, two have 'X-mas themes' and may not be in harmony with your weak stomachs. The play I am in has little to do with ch- sorry X-mas, but with 'giving out gifts'. The theme of the other plays also color mine however.

I shall not give seasons greetings, but I DO give an invitation to all interested and semi-interested parties. Come, or not. But you HAVE been invited!


Diyarniger said...

I would love to come. Sadly, I'll be doing finals in Illinois! But hopefully I can see you soon after that.

rm said...

how did the show tonight go? did you get any compliments on your amazing russian accent??

Carolj said...

Russian accent?

Warbler said...

See new post!!