Sunday, March 16, 2008


The title of this post stands for "Language Mishmash"

Knowing many languages can have it's positives, it's downsides, and it's hilarity.

FYI, the 'little kids' are being drilled in Greek verbs and nouns (until such time as they are able to take in the letters, language structure, and grammar). Howerver, most of them have completely lost/forgotten thier Cebuano. is language mishmash funny? Some words become so common that everyone knows them and it confuses guests.
-Nathan told Micah to "leave an agianan" so that people could walk through

-Instead of going throught the paces of an entire sentance such as "Is the baby sleepy?", I use one word "gitulog?"

-I hate having to remember the English equivalent of tsinela/tsinelas, and am forever explaining. ("flip-flops" must have gotten thier name when thier inventor threw a pair at his cat, and adopted the 'spit-hiss' the cat gave as it ran away as the name for his new creation)

-"Katabaino", and "blepo" are becoming used by the 4 year old. (it is rather interesting!)


Wingman said...

I routinely finding myself using small Dazaga phrases on Noah. they dont work.

Warbler said...

Awwww....poor guy! (you, not Noah)