Saturday, March 29, 2008


Belgium is considering making it legal to kill your children. Euthanasia is not just for old people.....but for those who "likely" won't survive.

Is this startling? It shouldn't be. I life has no value when it begins...only when it breathes outside air...and if life has no value wehn crippled with arthritis and a weak heart.....why should life have ANY value when sick, hurt, or not "likely" to survive. Is the so-called 'mercy-killing' really mercy?

But then, why is living so improtant anyhow? Life is a blog of random chemicals and proteins. What IS the use? Where is the hope? Where is the reason for the hope that lies in YOU?


kalipay said...

"Life is a blog of random chemicals and proteins."

do you perhaps mean that life is a bloB? what you have there is sort of interesting, though...

Wingman said...

the weight is almost intolerable. this law is only a slight extension of existing laws. this is evidence of a society well advanced in suppression of the truth. how dark must the hearts be of those who allow and promote such concessions?

and yet, how far is this from our own laws in our society here? (if some of us are willing to call it our society) where here do we find the surprise, the heaviness, the outrage... for what we have here. which is really more heinous...very much more heinous.

PrairieSunrise said...

It's funny you should mention this right now. I'm studying for a class/test I"m taking on Monday for neonatal resuscitation, and they say in there that under extreme circumstances, even if the parents want resuscitation attempted, if the neonatal team thinks the 'quality of life' for the child will be too low, they can refuse to do it.

I was shocked needless to say.

Warbler said...

Yes, sister dear, it was MEANT to be blob.....but it does sound interesting....hmmm

Jon, imagine what happens when the U.N. adopts this policy!? I don't think Eugenics will be a dirty word anymore!

Susanna- That is crazy! I suppose this isn't a chirstian-based organization!