Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the Draft

As OS has been saying, the draft is my "big issue". I see it as a real danger, and one that is most definitely inevitable. With most Americans caught in the web of the hopeless one-but-two party system, our future President is destined to be a socialist with aims of carrying on the NAU and a globalist agenda.

With this globalist agenda, there will be a definite "american" tang, as the globalism will be with the goal of providing democracy and "freedom" to other downtrodden nations and peoples. Included in this scheme, will most definitely be the need for military force to put down what factions in these countries might want to resist a super-power telling them how to run their countries.

Because not enough American youth will want to volunteer to die for this globalist/terrorist agenda, there will be a need to force them. This, friends is called the draft. It entails tearing young potential from its place in the world and forcing it to sweat, bleed, and die for "The Cause". Although not explicitly stated, this violates the 5th ammendment.

"nor shall any person...be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law..."

Through the draft, one is deprived of their liberty, their property (themselves), and possibly their life. Also, wars are to be defensive. Therefore, Americans should only have to fight when they are attacked unprovoked. Even then I don't believe that we will be lacking volunteers, because their fighting and dying will be in order to protect AMERICA from harm and their families from the dominance of a foreign nation.

John McCain will most definitely institute the draft. He plans (outspokenly) to continue American oppression of foreign peoples and forcing them to be free and democratic. He has openly proposed war on Iran, and undoubtedly will continue our occupation of over 120 countries around the world. This will require MASSIVE manpower. It can only be obtained through conscription.

Some links: (although a simple google search will give you more than you can handle)
Vietnam thinking

"I don't disagree with anything you said..."

In the case where so-called "conservative America" fails to drum up enough half-hearted support for McCain, and Obama wins the office (which most people say will happen no-matter-what), he will probably be better, in this case. Obama is a regular, peace/disarmament democrat, and he will probably pursue globalism with more gusto, but less militarily. I highly doubt that he will cease occupation of foreign countries, or that he will "end the war in Iraq", but he will be slow to begin a new military effort elsewhere, or to put the draft in place. Should he decide to use force, he will HAVE to use conscription, just like McCain


You might want to read down a bit after the first post. The guy also quotes a 2007 bill to make army service mandatory for "all persons" aged 18 to 42.

In a closely balanced election, with the outcome still very much in doubt, Obama hopes to win the support of the real decision-makers—the topmost levels of the financial, political and military elite. Only a Democrat, he is suggesting, with the smokescreen of “equal sacrifice” and “fairness,” can provide the millions of recruits for the US military machine that will be required for wars against countries such as Iran, Russia and China.

As a woman, the 1900's would have blushed to see me going out to fight. But I am completely sure that if any draft is instated, women will be required to go as well, lest the feminists raise such a hue and cry that all capitol hill be overwhelmed. Note wh "all persons" on the bill linked above.

I shall end with a quote from a dissenting Senator in 1917, when Wilson decided to send American young men to die for a territorial European war that was only "new" in regards to it's massive death rates. (trenches had given Japan the edge over the giant Russia only 15 years before, and machine guns and airplanes were being readily used more and more in little border battles which no one bothers to report because they were so common. Also, european wars had been going on for centuries...some actually having stretched that long--ie.the Hundred yers war)

America at War: WWI

"In the emotional fervor that followed the declaration of war on April 6, many young men rushed to volunteer for the armed forces. Yet, it was only a faction of the number needed. After hearing three years of stories about the horrors of trench warfare, it is hardly surprising that more men did not join up.
President Wilson proposed national conscription, otherwise known as a ‘draft’. Many members of Congress objected to the bill. The speaker of the House asserted that there was ‘little difference between the conscript and the convict.’"


Anonymous said...

good research and good points. The topic is one everyone would rather not think about, but it is one that is best not left alone to decide when the time comes. And, it will come!

Dana said...

Very interesting topic, and thought-provoking post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

reading your article made me think of a possible reason why the Dems and Repubs are so anxious for amnesty for illegals, and encourage anchor babies.
When the time comes for the draft, there just may be some jobs Americans don't want to do. Then, free Americans can invade Mexico, and there will still be plenty of "amnestied" new citizens, and 18 yr old anchor babies to fill the quota for the draft.