Friday, October 03, 2008

In their OWN words:

(From the book: America at War Series: World War I)

"World War I gave birth to a centralized bureaucracy of unprecedented size. New federal agencies assumed unheard-of power. The War Industries Board, for example, took over raw materials and production and created new industries to meet war demands. The War Trade Board controlled imports and exports. The Federal Fuel Administration supervised efficient use of resources like coal and oil by industry and the public. Even the railroads were taken over and run by the government.
The Federal Food Administration was created to insure adequate food supplies for military needs and to send agricultural aid to the Allies. It monitored farm production and regulated prices. It asked Americans to plant "victory gardens" and observe "wheatless" and "meatless" days.
All this was the United States first experiment with a government-directed economy. Some of the experts who staffed these emergency boards would later use the valuable experience they gained to fight the economic Depression of the 1930’s.
Public opinion, an intangible but important resource, also had to be mobilized. This was the mission of the most controversial of the new government agencies.
The Committee on Public Information hired hundreds of writers and artists who turned their talents to wartime propaganda. Pro-war leaflets were widely circulated. The committee also sent skilled orators around the country to make speeches intended to rally the nationalistic emotions of the American people."
And "In spite of these efforts [buying war bonds, banning German from schools, etc] many German-American citizens were harassed. Thousands of German Americans, who were not yet naturalized U.S. citizens were arrested and placed in internment camps.

But what happened to all these agencies?

War Industries Board:
WIB was disbanded

War Trade Board:
WTB gave all its powers to the Department of State

Federal Fuel Administration:
It looks like FFA is still around, just not necessary as much anymore

Federal Food Administration:
FFA has no information that I can find on google, only the Food and Drug Administration. Maybe they are/were the same thing.

Committee on Public Information:
CPI also seems to have been disbanded.

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