Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm falling in LOVE!!

So...this is a strange post...especially for me.

Please read on! ;)

See, I'm 'falling in love'.....(to use the scripturally incorrect and oft' used worldy way of terming a strong attraction)....with my dishwasher. But do not fear! It is only the last 30 minutes of the cycle!! To be specific, the drying cycle.

The dishes dry by themselves I'll catch the dishwasher, turn it off, open it up, (jump back really quick and wait 5 seconds), then stand in front of it just soaking up the warmth and wetness. I realized a couple weeks ago that it was getting addicting....

It is so wonderful to be 'in love'!!!


Anonymous said...

Did I tell you about me and the oven?

Warbler said...

Ooooo, is Caleb getting replaced?


kalipay said...

*roll* girls are silly.

you also like the dishwasher lately because of your poor finger. :(