Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lessons of the Ice Storm

PA has had a bad week. We got about three inches of powder on Tuesday.....sheets of ice Wednesday, and we have been trying to shovel ourselves out since then.

On Tuesday I went to the horse-farm with my eldest sister and took pictures.

By the time I got to some places, it was too dark, so I decided to go out the next day. I woke up really early to get out before my responsibilities at home began, and I was greeted by a sleet of stinging ice. I covered the camera with my scarf and bravely set off.

I was not entirely successful at keeping it dry, and many of my pictures have big blotches of condensation from the lens. I got a couple good ones, and in all the intermediate time walking I was able to meditate, contemplate and shiver.

BTW, in case you don't know, ice hurts! It stung my face, and hurt when it hit my coat. After about twenty minutes I began to gather that ice, and as a sheet formed aroung my jacket, it began to hurt less and less. By the time I got home, I had a layer of ice about a centimeter thick.

But strangely enough, I was toasty warm. The stinging ice protected me from the wind, and I even began to sweat. I compared that to problems. Problems fly at you, and you get hurt, you fall, you whish them away. Yet, after a while the problems turn to blessings, and begin to cover you. You get so blessed that you feel overwhelmed. In fact, you don't what to get rid of the old problems because of all the good they brought.

I would not want another ice storm, in fact...I am already praying for spring.....but this one brought some interesting thoughts, and some BAD pictures!


Wingman said...

ice is a good insulator

Anonymous said...

Excellent meditation and way to apply an experience positively to life situations. -tay